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Some magazines/stations Karina has been featured in or worked with!

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

Ragebreed was working with Terrorizer on the Terrorizer Grindhouse gigs for Leicester at The Firebug, Leicester, UK. Karina and Miranda are friends.

Mindlapse was featured in the "Check Em Out" section of Metal Hammer Magazine

Mindlapse got a KKKK review in Kerrang Magazine described as "Pretty F**king Crushing"

Mindlapse was also featured in the Top 10 Rock Charts for the BBC which was printed in NME Magazine

Mindlapse was also featured in Leicester Mercury - 2 articles at different times - 1 was full page spread and the other was a column

Mindlapse was also featured in Derby Telegraph and it was printed as them being the best UK Female Fronted Metal Band.

Mindlapse "Like That" was featured in Cop Out Compilation/Magazine

Live Review & Interview with Justin Case on HFM

Mindlapse the other Leicester band have been around for a while and put on a very impressive performance, their brand of Death Metal with a touch of gothic thrown in for good measure and the female vocalist sang and screamed her heart out not to mention the rest of the band who were tight, inventive and impressive, if you see one of their CD singles around, grab it, it will be good. Justin Case Rock Review (RIP)

Mindlapse was aired and interviewed in early 90s by Chaz Carol on the BBC Radio Leicester Friday Night Rock Show (RIP)

Mindlapse got to Number 1 on Take Over Radio with their track "Strength & Beyond" with an interview by Callum for the rock show.

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