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Karina Sher catches up with Mad Max on UG Media in 2020


Thanks to Claire for the review of our poery, art event with 3 course dinner, stalls and cocktails.


When you run a business, you run into uneducated people that are completely unaware of how things are done.  Part of that is because of their lack of understanding or lack of experience even if you try to train them letting them know how things are done.  The other thing I encountered were abusive people.  Rather than resolving, deleted and blocked and decided to go on the public/private humiliation path. 

These people are giving us a bad name over the internet and they are people that had a real attitude problem and did not carry out the tasks in the correct way which ranged from not submitting what was asked in the right format as one example which led to us having to invest in a transcriber.  Some were abusive, rude plus controlling and were dragging me into personal dramas in their love lives, which involved affairs and others, toxic parenting. 

They have failed to follow a dispute process and caused character defamation online coupled with lies.  We therefore set up Ragebreed Positives Reviews to counter act their harassment and abuse which was also sent to the police. 

The police have warned one of the culprits to have no contact and to stop the harassment and public defamation.

We can go legal as we have evidence, time and dated if should choose to.  Instead we set up a page for our clients, customers and bands who have genuinely had a great experience with Ragebreed and anyone who took genuine issue we requested them to follow a dispute process so we could resolve. 

As a result of this ordeal, Ragebreed set up an organisation called Ragebreed Against Bullying which has been advice from antibullying sites to expose the bullying.  The bad etiquette comes from the cyber bullies who engage in such immoral and cruel practices and we only put up self defence statuses as advised.  When speaking to the police again, we were told to send a cease and desist letter which we did.  

Regardless of these awful allegations and the stress that gave me physical illnesses where I was in and out of hospital, we have just decided to ignore and continue to build our brand, regardless of the lies that people are being fed.  We will absolutely strive to look at resolving issues in the appropriate manner via the dispute process. Abuse or harassment publicly or privately will not be tolerated and we will be going to expose the bullying to make a statement against this kind of treatment which has included racism, sexism and very serious lies. 

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