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Looking for a bass player, drummer & keyboardist



Ragebreed Records

MINDLAPSE (Ragebreed Records, HTT Records)

Karina Sher holds all the rights of all current Mindlapse songs as singer and songwriter.

Jimi Mitchell is onboard as guitarist and co-songwriter including Michael Cook as 2nd guitarist for 2021 album.  They are currently looking for a bass player and drummer in the USA to complete the line-up.

With each recording, the band MINDLAPSE have experimented with different genres, moods and influences from 1996 keeping each release varied and exciting. With dynamic female vocals and demos which have received KKKK in Kerrang Magazine and in the top ten charts for BBC Radio Rock & Metal charts with Chaz Carol, the band were featured in NME Magazine. Performing at high standard venues including Rock City in Nottingham, Camden Palace in London, and the legendary "Alcatraz" in Leicester they also performed gigs/tour with various signed bands such as Napalm Death, Skindred, Cancer and Insomnium to name a few.

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