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Happy Valentine's Day "A Poem About Love" by Karina Sher

A Poem About Love

We celebrate love everyday Gratitude in our hearts For those who know how to love Without question

It is a beautiful day to remember Those we have loved, lost Those who remain in our lives Memories are reminders

Beauty exists in a friendly smile The kindness of a loyal friend A vulnerability of transparency So that we can truly know each other

Love comes in all forms Practically, emotionally, spiritually, physically It can be the warm embrace of your mother Advice to lift you from darkness from your father

It can be the trust built among good friends A lingering kiss to show how you feel Being in the arms of someone you feel connected to It can be helping someone who needs support

Sharing a dream and helping others shine A voyage or service to serve humanity A healer, a carer, a lover, family, friends We are designed to feel and to love

Love the people that give you love in return Love the people that need it the most Yet never allow abuse in your life Love is the energy that makes us whole

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